Hvornår: 12. November 2022 kl. 10:00 – 18:00

Sted: Struenseegade 13 A, 1.sal, 2200 København N

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Are you curious about what a “full body orgasm” is all about? Do you wonder what sexual energy feels like in your body – or maybe you want to know more about how you can enhance the energy you are already feeling?

In this workshop with Kathrin and Anders you get the opportunity to experience and perceive sexual energy as an independent energy – without linking it to a partner, love or sexual activity. It can show you ways to question and expand your previous sexuality.

For many men and women, sex is often very goal-oriented. The goal is ejaculation and a quick peak orgasm. But what if the goal no longer matters? If we simply indulged in the sensations and didn’t aim for a goal? Feel what is NOW, with you and with your counterpart and in togetherness?

The “traditional” way of having sex, is often associated with activity, friction of body parts and a focus on the goal. We will try to show a different way. Being “Inactive” or rather being receptive, simply feeling and allowing what is happening in the body – and this can lead to a totally different state – an intense state in which your body moves involuntarily, just following your feelings and sensations. Not controlled by any activity or thoughts. It is the life energy that flows through your body. True power comes from allowing and following what your body wants to do. Only then will you experience your full orgasmic potential.

In this experimental workshop we will not strive or promise a full body orgasm. But we will guide you through a series of exercises that help you step by step to slowly feel your body and dare to let go, feel the energy run through your body. Maybe you will feel the energy orgasm, maybe you won’t. It for sure doesnt happen if you sprint towards it, there is NO goal to be achieved in this workshop. But no matter what happens, we promise that you will experience something new. You might feel sexual energy and pleasure, you might feel anger or sorrow or something total different – all with little or no physical contact. You don’t even have to undress.

This is exactly what the full body energy orgasm one day course will be about.

One participant described:

“This sexual energy work is different. You’re not sexually aroused in the same way that you’re usually sexually aroused – and the energy isn’t primarily in the genitals, it’s moving throughout your body. It’s about freedom. It’s not about tensing the muscles – it’s about letting go and relaxing into those waves of energy, which is arguably very unnatural for many men. At least for me it was like that.”


We open the doors at 09:30, the workshop starts at 10:00

  • Wear comfortable clothes you can move in
  • Remember a bottle with water
  • Bring your own lunch, we will provide snacks, tea and water during the day
  • If all participants speak Danish, the workshop is in Danish, otherwise English

During the workshop you will do exercises with the other participants, which can both be male and female. If you want to be sure who you work with, bring your own partner, then the two of you can do the exercises together (or with others).

At this workshop there is never anything you HAVE to do, all is an invitation.


Participation fee for the workshop is DKK 750 per person. Your place is secured by sending the amount to mobilepay (+45) 60558172 (Kathrin Gramsch). When transferring, please write “FBEO – your name” in the free text. Please also send an email with your contact details to info@deinliebesleben.de

The registration is binding, which means that you cannot get the money back if you for some reason cannot participate anyway. However, you are welcome to sell your ticket to someone else. But we would like to know the name and contact information of the person you are selling it to.

If we have to cancel the workshop, you will get the full amount back.


Kathrin is a sexologist and former physiotherapist and has been on her own tantric journey since 2011. She has been giving this particular workshop from 2016-19 in Germany and loves to bring it now to Copenhagen. She aims to help people coming closer towards connection with one self and others, and by that towards enjoyment and pleasure. Teaching how to use the body as a “consultant”, which is often a valuable shortcut and key to understanding and solving a range of deep issues that the consciousness and logical-thinking brain are unable to overcome.You can find more about her on https://www.deinliebesleben.de/english/about-me/
Please see a statement about Kathrin as a facilitator:

I found Kathrin’s instructions for (refreshingly harmless!) physical exercises to be pleasantly clear and relaxed. Kathrin conducts the talking rounds in an appreciative manner that enables the participants to express important and deep things that are otherwise not talked about. I was impressed by the way Kathrin encountered and included wishes and questions of the participants! The workshop, although only short for a few hours in total, triggered a new trust in my body, a decade-long insecurity was allowed to transform. This is a big treasure that I was able to take with me and that enriches my love life and my feelings of pleasure in life. ” I thank you for that, Kathrin.

Katja, participant at the Femø womens camp, 2021

You can find more testimonials on https://www.deinliebesleben.de/english/testimonials/

Anders has practiced tantra and worked with sexual energy since 2015 and its a deeply integrated part of his life today. He has participated in several of the different tantric schools and tantra directions to learn and become wiser about himself and to find the way of tantra that he wants to pass on to other people. Anders also offers tantra massage at tantramand.dk and facilitates tantra workshops alongside his corporate work.

A few statements about Anders as a facilitator:

Anders possesses a very special mixture of masculine energy, bubbling lifejoy and loving care. As a facilitator, it gives him the opportunity to create a unique space in which very deep processes can take place. You don’t doubt for a moment whether you can surrender to what is when Anders holds the space. You can do that


I have had the pleasure of being at a workshop with sexual healing by Anders. He introduced and guided with delicious energy and charm. Anders balances humor and seriousness and is a natural authority who is clearly used to keeping a safe space. Therefore, a fine breeding ground was created for deep processes between the participants



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